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A gift from heaven, I was born December 16, 2004. My birth was traumatic and because the cord was around my neck, I was not breathing at birth. My parents would soon learn about the severe injury to my brain. They first were told that I was blind and had multiple health challenges. A year later they were told I had Cerebral Palsy and may never walk.

      Laughing, as usual!!
Laughing as usual!

But they knew I was their miracle. They picked me up, hugged me, and told me that we could do this together, and we have! We've traveled coast to coast seeking ways for my brain to heal and rebuild damaged pathways. We learn new therapies. Daily, my mom, dad, family, friends and volunteers commit hours administering my intensive physical, intellectual and nutrition programs.

It takes a tremendous amount of love, time, energy, determination, prayer and financial resources supporting my needs.

My progress is simply because so many amazing people love and believe in me, and have helped me in my continuous quest for sight and mobility.

My special needs have provided a challenge which has been met unconditionally through endless research, implementation and hope. Daily, instrumental volunteers visit my home assisting my parents with patterning and various therapies utilizing an incline floor, respiratory vest and gravity-free harness from Italy, daily respiratory therapy and more.

Visits to the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, Philadelphia, PA (www.iahp.org), introduced my parents to fields of child brain development. My progress includes a bunny hop crawl, vocabulary of about 10 words and increased vision - though still very limited.

We have traveled to San Rafael, CA, and across Oregon where we were introduced to gentle, innovative techniques helping my brain form new neurological connections and patterns taking me beyond my limitations. Recent progress includes greater use of my right arm and hand, and therapies engaging my lower back and stomach muscles.

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I have recently been accepted into Duke University (www.pediatrics.duke.edu) study on children with Cerebral Palsy, which includes an infusion of my own cord blood stem cells (my parents banked my cord blood when I was born -- how cool is that!). I am so excited about the possibilities. With hope and prayers, my parents are optimistic this will be all I need to get started down the road to healing, recovery and improved vision.

Other children like me who have been to Duke, have benefited by showing marked improvement, better focus and vision; some within 5 days after the treatment, which takes less than an hour. Just last year, a little boy with CP started talking and walking within a week or two of his infusion. I can hardly wait to get there! I really want to be able to talk, walk and run like the other kids at pre-school.

Much has yet to be learned about what stem cell infusion can do for disease and disabilities. What we do know is that stem cells obtained from cord blood, at the live birth of an infant, are an exact genetic match to that child and have the greatest potential to heal.

Because of the severity of my brain injury if, after a year or two, I have reached my maximum potential with the help of the Duke infusion, research shows that a future visit to China for donor cord blood stem cells and intensive therapy, may continue my healing and developmental progress.

      My Family
My family

Meeting my special needs is a challenge my parents have embraced. Not alone, however. Only with the dedication of time, energy and financial resources from family, friends, businesses and community efforts am I realizing my potential.

Cuddling and hugging are my very favorite and make the difficulties in my world better. I am very loved. Laughing, smiling and hugs bring lots of joy and smiles to those who touch my life. My traumatic birth created many obstacles for me. At 4 years old, I get frustrated because I cannot walk, talk, ride a bike, run on the playground, or even dress myself - although I do a pretty good job of undressing myself....

Stem cells are banked in case they are needed for a life-saving procedure, but for me, it could be life-changing.

If you want to learn more about my infectious spirit and determination or join those who have committed time, energy, prayers, and/or financial resources in my quest for healing, sight & mobility, please contact my parents or go to How Can I Help? and join me on my journey...

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