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Hyperbaric Oxygen & Neurofeedback Treatments at Bend Hyperbarics

We are extremely grateful to meet Randy & Jill Wild of Bend Hyperbarics and Bend Counseling and Biofeedback.  Dylan sees Randy Wild for Neurofeedback and it has helped Dylan with his sleep and his temperment (mood).  The soft (mild) Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber that they have in their office is excellent for treating children with Cerebral Palsy and Autism.  A soft chamber will go to 1.3 ATA.  They have an oxygen concentrator with masks which will can be worn by the child to increase the amount of oxygen going into the body during the treatment.   Dylan did 120 treatments at BMC (noted below) and now does followup treatments in Bend Hyperbarics chamber.  The mHBOT (mild Hyperbaric Oxygen) is less expensive, and is a great alternative to the hard chamber treatments -- which are expensive and not covered by insurance.  Thank you Randy & Jill Wild for your incredible love for our son.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments at Bend Memorial Clinic

We are extremely impressed with Dr. Pinnick, and the other physicians in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic and his amazing staff and technicians.  Dr. Pinnick saw potential in Dylan and was the only clinic I found in Oregon willing to do HBO treatments for a child with cerebral palsy.  Dylan was the 1st child in their chambers to be treated for CP and after just 35 treatments, we saw an increase in Dylan's speech and cognitive understanding.  Dylan ultimately did 120 treatments in their chambers and has never plateaued since completing those treatments.  There are really not enough "Thank You's" that can express our incredible appreciation to Dr. Pinnick and his amazing staff for what they did for Dylan.

The Bend Bulletin published an article in the High Desert Pulse on HBO.

Toddler after Duke Stem Cell Infusion

Link to story on the Today show -- talking about amazing recovery of a toddler with Cerebral Palsy who had an infusion at Duke University of his own stem cells - banked at his birth.

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential - www.iahp.org

A Facility for Brain Injured Children -- They teach the parents the techniques, nutrition, and therapy to help make their children well.  Parents are expected to carry out what they learn at home daily.

Duke University Pediatric Department - www.pediatrics.duke.edu 

Anat Baniel Method

A method of gentle, innovative movements that are suppose to help Dylan's brain form new neurological connections and patterns.  Dylan actually went to Anat's office in San Rafael and saw Anat a few times, as well as the other practitioners in her office. This method is very expensive (one 45-50 minute session with Anat cost us $300.00) and unlike the program at The Institutes (see link above), where they train the parents to do the program with the children daily, Anat's program is focused on you bringing your child to them.  They indicated to us that the visits should not be more than 3 weeks or a month apart in order to maintain any progress that has been made. 

Unfortunately, we did not see any changes in Dylan from his visit to their office including  4 days of therapy / 2 sessions a day (8 visits total).  

China Stem Cell website - www.stemcellschina.com

A website for the testimonies of parents who have taken their children to China for several infusions of donor stem cells and the successes from this procedure that is used to treat multiple diseases and disabilities.

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