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The following people & businesses have been a huge inspiration in our lives.  Just listing your names here isn’t 'THANK YOU' enough for what you have done for our son.  We appreciate you more than words could ever express!  Some of you have chosen to remain anonymous...  we don't know who you are, but do want you to know how much we appreciate your hope and help for Dylan.


CORVALLIS ELKS LODGE - ONCE AGAIN, the Corvallis Elks Lodge has generously provided funds towards Dylan's trip to Duke University.  They kicked off our fundraising efforts with a donation of $4,000.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR GETTING US STARTED TOWARDS OUR GOAL OF $22,000.

CORVALLIS GAZETTE TIMES - Thank you to Alex Paul and Casey Campbell for the great article and pictures about Dylan that were in the Gazette-Times on Sunday, March 29, 2009.  Alex did a great job of capturing Dylan's true spirit in his article and as always, Casey had a good time taking photos of Dylan and came away with some awesome photos to share with everyone.

APPLEBEE'S RESTAURANT, CORVALLIS, OREGON - A big Thank you to Jeff Franzoia, Applebee's Manager and his staff who made Dylan's Pancake Breakfast a huge success. Jeff made the whole event very smooth and easy, and we heard many compliments about what a great breakfast they served.

OSU WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL TEAM - Thank you to the OSU Women's Volleyball Team, and coaching staff for your incredible support of our little guy.  The Women's Volleyball players graciously showed up on a Saturday morning at 7:30am to serve something other than volleyballs....  They did a great job waiting tables, smiling, delivering pancakes, smiling some more, and pouring coffee, water and juice for everyone who came to support Dylan.  What an amazing group of women..  As they were leaving, we thanked each one of them for their support of Dylan's cause.  More than one of them said, "No, we thank you for this opportunity". 

AQUA SEAFOOD RESTAURANT AND BAR, CORVALLIS, OREGON - A HUGE THANK YOU to restaurant owners Iain and Tonya Duncan, of Aqua Seafood Restaurant and Bar, your incredible chef's and amazing staff who made Dining for Dylan a great success. Taras Liskevych, Oregon State University Head Volleyball Coach, arranged the event with Iain Duncan and the $100 a place, five course meal was absolutely incredible.  "I personally don't believe I have ever had a meal that topped this one", said Dylan's mom. There were 71 people in attendance and once again, the OSU Women's Volleyball team served up smiles, plates of mouth watering food and great service (and they looked like they were having a great time doing it!!). All of the food and wine was donated and the management and staff at Aqua also donated their time. 

Thank you Iain and Tonya Duncan for your amazing generosity and a fabulous five course meal.  You can visit Iain and Tonya at one of their Corvallis restaurants

Women's Volleyball Serving Dinner for Dylan at Aqua



CORVALLIS ELKS LODGE - generously provided funds to purchase the respiratory patterning device and vest needed for Dylan. David Williams and All at the Corvallis Elks Lodge who made it possible for us to order Dylan’s breathing device immediately. Your generous contribution was a huge blessing in our lives and continues to help Dylan everyday!!

CHARITY NIGHT GOLF TOURNAMENT - McKay Creek Golf Course, John and Jane Reding - Thank you for a great time and many, many laughs (especially for the special entertainment of Julie Herinckx -- who kept us laughing all night). Thank you also to the many volunteers who helped with the Twilight Golf Tourney. A special thanks to Jeff Taylor for his friendship and for introducing us to these great people. Thanks to Tracy Roe and Family for their amazing hospitality! A huge thank you to John and Jane for their incredible warmth and for sharing a great evening with us and for helping our son!!!

TEETH WHITENING DAY - Dr. Len Gerken & Staff - and the following businesses that helped him provide an amazing teeth whitening day. He donated the funds raised that day to Dylan. Dr. Gerken & Whitney Mintken worked together to make a teeth whitening day happen for the benefit of Dylan. Dr. Gerken spent countless hours arranging for the day and then worked a whole day to benefit our little guy. Thanks to the many friends who came to get their teeth whitening trays made.  Dr. Gerken did not know us or Dylan before he got involved in helping raise money for our son.  What a huge blessing this was in Dylan's life. We sincerely thank you for helping us make our son better!!

  • Derrick Luksch of O’Brien Dental Lab (FYI - Over $1200 worth of bleaching trays that they made for me)
  • Pauline LaComb-Heist of Ultradent Products Inc.
  • Larry Peterson and Burkhart Dental
  • Amy Sydow of Patterson Dental
  • Tina DeSimone of Timberhill Dental
  • Brenda Spinney
  • Sam Leach
  • Janis Workman
  • Whitney Mintken -- an amazing young woman who helped us meet Dr. Gerken & organized several fundraisers for Dylan.
  • Joni Berry - Helped at Teeth Whitening Day

OUR VERY SPECIAL VOLUNTEERS & LOVE, INC. - Thank you to Love, Inc. for helping us in countless ways. Thank you for your many prayers. Our volunteers have come every week for 2+ years to help us with Dylan’s patterning and breathing masks. We think of them as family and we thank you for your incredible dedication to our son!

Al & Sandy Habelt   -   Dave Francis (and Wendy)   -   Lia Omoto

Dick & Mary Anne Hansler  -   Patty Seim (and Wayne)  -   Jen Shen   -   Xiaoyu Bi

FEDERAL EXPRESS -  Evonne Henderson and Carrie McNair. Dylan’s breathing device originally came from a family in Kansas City (who ordered it, but could not use it). When it arrived here, it was crushed and badly damaged. Federal Express went above and beyond their obligation when they helped us obtain the new equipment from Italy. (The manufacturer in Italy had not been good about shipping the orders in a timely manner) Evonne at Federal Express made sure our son was going to get his breathing device. A heartfelt Thank You to some amazing people at Federal Express for showing us what true customer service is all about.  A special thanks to Maryanne Johnson, who contacted Federal Express for us and has also continued to pray for our little guy.

CORVALLIS GAZETTE TIMES - Teresa Hogue - for her time and stories about Dylan and for helping us to share Dylan’s story with others.

GARAGE SALE/FUNDRAISER - Thank you for your Donation of Time and/or Garage Sale Items... Tricia Graham, Laine and Barrie Heathcote, Robin Currin, Dylan’s Grandma - Marilyn, Hawthorne (Ruth) and Charles O’Rourke, plus the Countless Friends (and even strangers) who donated items or made donations in the fish bowl at our garage sales.

US BANK - Corvallis Branch and the many anonymous donors to Dylan’s Donation account there! Thank You!


You have made a big difference in the life of our son!!

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