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The programs below were taught to us by The Institutes. For more information, please go to: www.iahp.org.

To view more pictures and information about Dylan's therapies, visit Dylan's Therapy website.


Cross-Patterning Dylan

When Dylan was 1 1/2 years old, he was not crawling or rolling over. Within 2 weeks of starting homolateral patterning, he began to belly crawl.

After he perfected 'combat' crawling, we switched to cross-patterning, and with the help of some amazing volunteers (who have been helping us for 2 years), we pattern 5 days a week with Dylan, and believe that this, in conjunction with the incline floor, was responsible for helping Dylan learn to crawl.


Dylan on his incline floor
Dylan racing down his incline floor!
Dylan worked his way up to 60 trips down this floor daily. (That took approx 5 hours for him to complete each day) The floor has taught Dylan's brain that when he moves his arms and legs, his body will move. He works very hard each day in completing his floors.

Often he is motoring down the floor and saying 'GO GO GO GO" at the same time. Dylan's record down the 10 foot floor is 4 seconds.

What a trooper!


Dylan doing his gravity free program
Dylan with mom & dad doing vestibular therapy
Dylan has a mid-brain injury, which often effects a child's balance center.  The gravity free program is to help Dylan develop the balance center of his brain (vestibular).

The climbing harness was purchased from Italy (The Institutes sister facility) and Dylan hangs freely with climbing hooks & doubled surgical tubing.  He swings, spins, lays flat like Superman and flies through the air.  He is often smiling and laughing when floating in the air.


Dylan with his respiratory mask on
Dylan with a respiratory mask on
Respiratory masks help expand the blood vessels and produce more oxygen to get to Dylan's brain, allowing the brain to grow with oxygen and use.

Dylan's vision seems to have improved since we began using these masks.  We do 20 to 30 a day in conjuction with oxygen masks.

Dylan is a good sport about doing all of these masks. 
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